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Will will add more bios and photos of our contributing writers very soon.

Kevin Ordean, Past Chair of Student EC
Skype: kevinordean

Kevin is an Environmental Studies student with a focus on Globalization and Environmental Change. He works on a variety of sustainability initiatives that include renewable energy, local foods, organizing, and project development. He graduates in December 2011.

Nolan Bade, Chair of Student EC
Twitter: @nolanbade
Skype: Nolanbade

Nolan is seeking a BS in Environmental Sciences: Environmental Management at Northern Arizona University.  He is a passionate artist, prospective urban ecologist, and he enjoys implementing sustainable practices and policies on the NAU campus, and through various art installations as a resident artist in New Mexico.

Melody Hartke, Chair, Green Fund Committee

Melody is an NAU Geology Alumnus and a second-year post-baccalaureate undergraduate. She has taken notes for our website during many keynote speakers and events at NAU and around the country. Melody won an Outstanding Women in Geology Award upon her graduation from the NAU Geology Department and hopes for acceptance to the M.S. in Climate Science and Solutions program in fall of 2012.

Ashlee Simpson

Sofia Gjerstad

Cole Hardwick

If you wish to be a contributor send a writing sample and request to and someone will be in touch.

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