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“You Hit A Nail You Gotta Hit It Hard”-A Chemical Reaction Film Screening

April 17, 2012


“You hit a nail you gotta hit it hard” was  Dr. June Irwin’s view on starting a movement, in her case starting a health and environmental movement against harmful pesticides and herbicides.

A Chemical Reaction was a film put together by , narrated by Paul Tukey a man with personal experience on the matter of the effects of harmful lawn chemicals.

This movie describes the story of the “little engine that could”, where the small town of Hudson (population 5,000) in the province of Quebec, Canada became the “beacon” for a movement toward better health for the future; all beginning with Dr. Irwin who saw the negative effects of regular-everyday lawn herbicides and pesticides on her patients and decided to step-up and be persistent about it.

The movement that began in Hudson was fought against in the courts by many lawn chemical companies, but after years of struggles for the 1st time in world history the Canadian Supreme Court created a Precautionary Principle, that allowed for all Canadian towns to be given the right to decide for their communities if they want to protect their future generations from harmful chemicals without first having proof of harm (that often takes years of studies to confirm).

We will have to wait and see if the U.S. will follow suit anytime soon.

But either way, I do love Canadians 🙂

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